Red, White, and Black

I didn’t know what to write about today, yet here we are. Looking at my son as he sleeps in my arms, I realized the most important thing I could share with you. While everyone is on their path to find their happy and relative truth, I learned this.

Before we gasped for air, we began as a sweet memory in the heart of God. The Creator of time, space, and everything in between made us in His image, His little mini-mes. Just like Him, He gave us free will—unfortunately, we allowed curiosity to best us. We defied our Breath-giver—our perfection destroyed by the black stain of sin.

He didn’t quit. Scholars referred to the Lord as tyrannical; but if they knew the truth, they’d understand He’s the righteous Judge, spotless Lamb, King of kings, great I AM. He exists and lives in the beginning and the end. God relentlessly orchestrated His plan of redemption before the world began. God’s love and Christ’s passion for humanity.

If you were God, would you die for the ones you created in your image who mocked, slandered, rejected and opposed you? No? Thankfully we were His joy, so Jesus endured the cross to give us a chance at life. We sinned against God! Yet His response wasn’t our demise but to become like His creation and destroy the power of sin over our lives.

Jesus Christ.

On Calvary, centuries ago, red streams flowed from the side of the Creator as He, in agony, hung on the tree He created. He was hated and pierced by His most cherished creation—you and me. As a mother, I can imagine the anguish that flooded Mary’s heart. However, it doesn’t compare with the pain God the Father feels when we reject His beloved Son.

Praise be to God, that Jesus Christ is who He says He is. In my search for truth, no one else gave me peace. No one else had the power, willingness, or love to wash the blackness of sin away with His red, pure, sinless blood, making me whiter than snow. Christ redeemed and justified me. His resurrection enabled me to come alive and once again be in fellowship with the King of glory.

I do hope that you, too, receive the redemptive work of Jesus Christ and accept His salvation that He lovingly and freely made available to you. Let this day be the start of your daily living life unashamed of the Gospel. He is the answer.♥

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