Reflect—Goals and Such

Hey, girl, hey! Listen, tonight’s post isn’t long because your girl is tired! Let me share this before I go.

I am reaching my goals!

If you’re reading this, so are you!


Because obtaining our goals begins with a decision. In my post about summer goals, I didn’t state family goals. However, there were some that we needed to cross off. I’ve also been talking about having my house in order, and you know what? I decided that with God’s help, I do hard things well! I’ll give an example. Tonight I needed to prepare the laundry room for Lowe’s delivery to come and haul off our old washer and put in our new one. Could you imagine the level of tired I was feeling after a full day of errands today, laundry yesterday, all while holding it down with the kiddos? Yes, hubby was present, yet it was also his off days, and he had meetings today.

Anyway, what did I do? I put on some worship music—mind you, this was after I already washed the boys for bed and folded most of the laundry—fast tempo praise and worship songs and glorified the Lord! My heart filled with peace and joy, and I knew I could do it.

My petite self unhooked the washer and pushed it out of the laundry room, mopping where it was so my floor would be ready for the new. Was it daunting? Yep, sure was. But I knew I was equipped to do the hard thing well.

And I’m proud of myself, too.

I don’t know what your thing is, but you can do it well and to the glory of God. And, if you find yourself getting salty with hubby because y’all hard things are different, repent, refocus, and love that man like the Lord loves you.


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