Reflect—Things and Thanks

The first day I began this daily blogging challenge, I shared about jumpstarting my mental health. Then I expressed how I’m choosing gratitude anyway. If that’s not enough, I told y’all yesterday that this week is all about reflection. Well, are you ready to see if I kept to these lifestyle changes?

Drum roll.

The short answer is yes!

It feels good taking the time to do what’s special and meaningful to me. I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed out on self-care, and the little things mean so much! My family and I have faced different trials and testings in this season. As a result, we are prioritizing each other and the things that matter the most.

The Things

Working out, eating cleaner, playing around, digging in the Word of God, and resting better is life! Listen, I won’t front. This is not easy, but my goodness, it’s worth every bit. I didn’t make the mark every day, but every day is a win. Perspective has been a game-changer, for sure. No, this doesn’t mean that I even feel okay every day (and don’t!), but it is well. Periodt!

The Thanks

If I never knew what the goodness of the Lord looked like, I am blessed to witness it daily. Yet, God is maturing me to see that it goes beyond the answers that I desire to the prayers that I pray. I see His goodness because I know that He is good. Regardless of all else, I’m anchored in knowing the truth—God is absolutely good. If He didn’t give me anything else, He’s given me all that I need because I know that I belong to Him, and He belongs to me.

For that, I’m grateful!

What about you? How have you kept with what you began to do this month? If you strayed a little, think about what you need to do to get back on track and receive the grace you need for it.


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