Revealing to Heal

Hey, girl, hey!

Here’s another short blog post for you because I don’t have it in me tonight. This week has been a blessing and one of great stretching. I’ve been exhausted. I’m trying to stay on the altar for the Lord to deal with my ugly parts.

Most of you don’t know me on a personal level. I get that if you only saw my pictures, you’d assume I had it all together and that I was Miss Perfect. But I’m not. I don’t even see myself resembling that.

However, do you know what I do see? I see a woman that God says is altogether beautiful. There is no flaw in me. There’s Bible for that, too. It’s found in Song of Solomon 4:7, to be exact.

Therefore, I am giving you all a glimpse of me celebrating myself.

Keep going, Candace. Even when you’re not blogging and life feels hard, keep going.

God’s graced and equipped you for this, Candi Girl.

This is a season. Choose to embrace it beautifully.

Candace A. Jones

Furthermore, look at what I just saw on Bible Gateway as their verse of the day:

I will never forget Your precepts, For by them You have revived me and given me life.
Psalms 119:93, AMP

I seriously could cry right now. I needed that verse. There’s something about pressing and choosing to obey, especially if it’s hard. This time next year, let alone next month, will be different. Yet, whether positive or negative, the choice is mine, and it will be dependent on whether I’m staying in the will of God.

Well, this is what I wanted to share for tonight. If you’re looking for some pretty dope beats to listen to while writing, sleeping, etc., click this link. I love Christian Lofi, and maybe you can unwind with it as well.


The featured image is me! Brought to you by Falando Jones Photography.

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