Shut Me In, Lord!

 ©2013  Falando Jones Photography . All rights reserve.
©2013 Falando Jones Photography . All rights reserve.

…and the LORD shut him in.

— Genesis 7:16

Well, Happy New Year!

With the entrance of new years and new seasons, we look for doors and windows of opportunities. We look forward to those sermons that tell us it’s time to walk–better yet, run–through those opened doors. What if that wasn’t what God is saying to you? Yes, we stand on Revelation 3:7, 8 but what if the Lord is doing for you what He did for Noah?

God told Noah to build an ark. He and his family became the remnant that God preserved because he found favor with the Lord. Reread that opening verse. Maybe the Lord has shut you in a place for a season where nothing from the outside can get to you and that, for a time, you can’t leave that appointed place. Instead of trying to figure out what the next door or window is, seek the Lord and learn from and of Him. Rest in the secret place of the Most High. When He says it’s time for you to leave that ark that He’s shut you in, you can rest in knowing that the place you are entering is a better place than you’ve ever known before. A place that He has prepared, just for you.


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