Staccato…A Present-Day Ecclesiastical Account 

Some say life is like a waltz—filled with grace and planned steps…

Others say life is more of a salsa—complicated, riveting, and risky…

No matter what style it fits, the crescendo that marks our wins, birth, accomplished dreams…the decrescendo that does the opposite…


Where am I going with this?


Tis the real nature of life right? We try to be so deep and profound, hoping that others may find us remotely intriguing. They don’t. It’s all short, quick, and over before one knows it. Right?

What’s the point?

The point is no matter what we think or how we feel about life, we are to live for the glory of God. It may look differently for each of us—we just need Him to be pleased and find our lives acceptable. His guidelines are written plainly for us all.

Be encouraged and live fearlessly for the King.


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