Summer Harvests for the Son

pexels-photo-127556It’s the beginning of summer and boy has it been heating up here in SC! Living on the coast and the weather is just right, we get a lot of beach traffic from tourists, vacationers, etc. Sometimes us locals can miss out on the beauty because we’ve grown accustomed to it; yet, it’s up to us whether we continue to embrace the grandeur of the ocean and the historically rich culture.

It makes me think about Christianity. Often those new to the faith still have the luster in their eyes when they see an opportunity to share Christ with someone. They are driven to do the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20, Mark 16:15-20) and boldly lay hands on the sick, cast out devils, preach the Gospel, etc. They don’t care about what may appear to most as unbecoming because they have the Truth, the only Truth, and want to give that lifeline to as many as they can.

Then you have many of us seasoned veterans in the faith. You know, those of us who have been naming the name of Christ for several years now. We’ve grown to quote pexels-photo-27633Scriptures in and out, and we are fluent in Christianese. Yet, where is our passion? We’ve obsessed with ensuring that we look the part but what is the condition of our hearts? Since we’ve been taught from our various denominational backgrounds what is or is not acceptable, we hesitate to witness to that one because we don’t want to offend. We hesitate to call a spade a spade because somewhere along the line we started thinking that holiness became an option and living like Christ lived meant that we were supposed to be accepting and tolerant of every sin since He was meek and mild.

The Word of God says that as He (Jesus Christ) is, so are we in this world. Yet, do we know how He is? I’m not referring to what we saw before the Crucifixion but afterward. Read Revelation 1. How is He? He is absolute holiness, righteousness, powerful, authoritative. He is supreme, without rival, absolutely pure, the beginning and the end, Alpha and Omega. Hebrews tells us that He’s the Author and Finisher of our faith. We as followers of Christ are described as being His body. So should His body act contrary to how He is now that He has risen?

I challenge all of us who are claiming to be redeemed, the elect, the set apart ones to wake up and be sober and vigilant! Remember our first love and live for and in Christ for real. Don’t just look the part, be the part and be willing to count the cost. This is a new season spiritually, and soon He will return. Let’s be ready for Him and win souls for His harvest.



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*Featured photo of sunflower field courtesy of Avette Brown

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