Surprise, Surprise!

Hey, girl, hey! Yesterday I said I was going to bring you something exciting today. You’re welcome.

“Jance’s Thoughts”

Who is that man who doesn’t look like me?
He smiles at my mom while winking at me.
He plays, he laughs, completely carefree.
Yet, I can’t help wonder what’s in this for me.

I won’t be mean because he does love us
And he gives the best snuggles even on the city bus
Mom says it’s just business, but I can see the love
Maybe he’s a gift God gave us from above.

Well, it wasn’t easy giving perspective from baby Jance from the “Once Upon a Door Knock” series—but I did it! Hopefully, tonight and tomorrow will prove more restful for me, leading to me getting back to the story. God bless you all!

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