The Choice is Yours 

One day Lara came to a fork in the road. On the right was Strait St. It looked almost impassable but far in the distance she saw a beam of white light glimmering against the sky. On her left was Goat Expressway, a busy and well-traveled route that seemed to promise easy passage. Only thing is, Lara wasn’t sure where it would take her.

Reason told her to take the expressway, but her heart longed for that glimmering light she saw. She did what any free thinker would do and followed Strait St.

Through each hurdle she passed, she felt stronger and more encouraged because that distant light began to fill her soul. Before she knew it, she made it to the Light and it was so full of splendor and radiance that she thought she was being hugged and wrapped in love. The obstacles she overcame to get there were worth it.

Sadie also made it to that crossroad but she chose Goat Expressway. She thought to herself, This is more like it. With pity, she thought of those who traveled Strait Street because she reasoned they missed out.

The stores were ritzy, riches were easily accessible, and there seemed no limits on anything. With each item she bought, Sadie’s rush increased until she was zipping down the highway.

I’ve gained it all! No sooner had she thought that when she realized the expressway was coming to an abrupt end. She tried to slam on brakes but her car skidded off the cliff, forever dropping, forever in terror.

Thus is the nature of life. What path we choose is critical because eternity will happen for us all. Eternal Life or Never-ending Death. Choose wisely.

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