Bible Backstories: Operation Holy Child—The Cousin Factor

A few years ago, I wrote a related post you can find here. The biblical account of this is found in Luke 1. I hope you enjoy today’s post and that God breathes upon your creativity for His glory and your good!

The Visitation

Elizabeth looked out at the road, thinking of the years past, reflecting on how blessed life with Zacharias had been. All but one thing. Children. The one thing missing from this beloved couple was children to raise of their own. Yes, the community respected them, and Zacharias’s priestly order embraced him—but that didn’t compare to barrenness.

Look at me crying. Abba, You are so good to me. Let me not forget Your kindness even though I am childless, the elderly woman thought to herself.

The cool water revived Zacharias’s face as he prepped himself to enter the Holy Place. Some may call it luck, but he knew it was a blessing. YHWH, he thought to himself, thank You for choosing someone like me to be in Your service. I’m forever grateful. Adorning himself in his garments, with humility and intention, he entered in. While Zacharias was offering incense, an angel of the Lord appeared to him. Fear gripped him as the overwhelming glory of the Lord shrouded the heavenly being.

“Fear not, Zacharias, for YHWH Himself has sent me to you to assure you that your prayers have been heard. The answer is on its way,” the angel Gabriel said.

But as Zacharias listened, his hope became tainted with doubt. Why now? What has happened for God to hear him now? Is this truly a message from the Lord? Elizabeth was indeed still beautiful, just like Sarah, the matriarch. But would she be just like Sarah and conceive while elderly?

Back at Home

After Zacharias and Gabriel conversed–and his doubt came to light–his speaking ability was taken from him. Being home again, unable to talk, he sought comfort from his wife. Maybe I should tell her what happened on my writing tablet. But then he thought against it because, well, what if it didn’t happen? He couldn’t bear the thought of his love getting her hopes up, only to be dashed again.

In just a few weeks, Elizabeth was pregnant!

“Oh my goodness! Who would’ve thought that I would know the joys of morning sickness and butterfly movements? I never thought I’d know what tender, heavy breasts preparing for milk and breastfeeding would feel like. What a blessing! What a privilege! Oh, what an honor!” Elizabeth softly cried in worship and thanksgiving unto the Lord while gazing through her window.

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