The Decision

Furiously she banged on the keys but to no avail. Annette crashed into that proverbial brick wall.

All I need is 15 solid minutes is what the experts say.

But who made them right?

Daily she tried to keep the momentum going and sometimes she’d meet her goal while others…let’s just say her one-year-old could do better.

Only one more phrase, she thought. Or word. Idea.


Nope. With frustration, Annette slumped over her typewriter and wept bitterly.

“Why is it that I get all of these grandiose ideas yet there’s this disconnect between my head and my fingers?! God, how can they take me seriously if I can’t even produce enough content for them to see me? I’m such a joke. I can’t do this anymore!”

As her heart was breaking, her son Charlie began to raise his hands and dance. I wish I could be like him, she thought, not a care in the world. Free to be. Full of joy. Filled with—

Suddenly it dawned on her. Her son wasn’t full of joy just because. He was lively, happy, and joyful because it’s something he decided.

The tides were changing. Through her son, the Creator showed Annette the key to developing her craft. She didn’t have to keep up with them. It didn’t matter how others viewed her, even if it was just in her mind. The Lord both qualified and validated her. She was given the right to choose to become the type of writer she desired.

Annette jumped up and danced with her boy, full of joy and resolve. She knew she was a ready writer.

Courtesy of Pexels.

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