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It’s 1:28 pm, Wednesday, March 8th and I’m supposed to write about something, anything. For 15 whole minutes. It’s been such a long time since I’ve written like this. Truth is if I never did this, could I truly call myself a writer? Speaking of which, call myself. So, is this dream of mine God-breathed or am I the one who commanded myself to pick up the pen and fight to the death of self with words? Who sanctioned me? What has compelled me? Sure, I’ve written my story but is there more? More nonfiction to be taught? Maybe creative writings in the mix? Who’s my audience? What’s my driving force? Who or what is my why?


Lord, did you call me an author, a poet, or simply your daughter with multiple gifts and talents? Are You being glorified? Are you being pleased? Will you help me express what’s in Your heart for your people?

I haven’t lost my creativity…somewhere along the way my focus changed. I indirectly compared myself to others, not realizing I was telling the Lord made a mistake with me. But He didn’t! Uniquely defined and etched in His heart. Beautifully I shine with the glory of the Lord. Nothing less. Nothing more. He made me amazingly blessed.

Follow me as I follow Christ, the eternal One.



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