The Gentleman and the Dove

Hey, girl, hey! I pray August is treating you well as it is me. I’m also grateful for the stretching this creative writing is doing for me. I’m not the best writer there is—and that’s fine. Instead, I’d say I’m consistent. And with consistency comes growth.

I look forward to going back and scanning my posts for mistakes but first things first. Catch up on part one and part two, then join me over here.

The Gentleman

Collected, calm, reserved, sanguine
the flavor of that man of mine
and rightly so, my heart decides
to whimsically dance to his beat divine.

Sandy curls caress his noble face
as his eyes held me still, wanting his embrace.
Who am I but unpolished onyx, effaced
from the truth that knows he’s on another plane
than me.

The Dove

A rare beauty clothed in the darkest night
stands stately and regal, to my delight.
Fire in her gaze and the curve of her hips
sends chills down my spine to my fingertips.

I know her name, but I long to know her mind.
Who is the woman my friend had to hide?
Because who I see before me majestic, divine
and her son pierced my heart with love so sublime
that I want more.

The funny thing is, this is an artsy example of how Jesus loves us. He’s enamored with everything about us and wants us to bask in the depth of His love. Christ’s love and plans towards us usually contradict what our headspace tells us—and that’s fine. He’s worth it. Just come and see for yourself.

I’ll resume with the story soon, but what do you think about the thoughts of Harriet and Chance so far? Leave your comments and reviews down below, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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