This is Why You Shouldn’t Procrastinate

Hey, girl, hey! Would you please tell me I’m not alone in fighting procrastination?

Okay, minus the theatrics, procrastination is costly and constricting. And unfortunately, if we linger in it too long, something detrimental could happen—missed moments.

Opportunities Missed

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My dear friend has an online store, The Prissy Peace Collection, that sells super cute tees for the millennial believer. Several months ago, I saw she had a hoodie for sale that was everything. I love hoodies, but I had a problem.

Habitually, I kept putting myself and what I desired last.

Since I recognized that flaw, I’ve been working on it. Tonight was going to be the night I treated myself. Yet, when I went to the website, there were no hoodies!

My hesitation caused me to miss out on supporting her while rocking one of her fabulous hoodies.

That’s minute compared to other things, but I want you to remember this.

Missed opportunities come about when we procrastinate. This time it was about a hoodie. However, it could’ve been something heavier, more serious.

The Price of Missing Out

Often our missed moments come with a hefty piece tag. We can’t afford to procrastinate because we are creatures of habit. It encourages us never to develop an attitude that causes us to finish a task completely and well.

There’s more to share—and I will in tomorrow’s post.



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