The Teacher’s Great Love

Frantically Jacob scratched at his arm. As the blood ran down, he thought to himself; I can’t keep living like this! Why can’t anyone help me?

Deep within, a shrill, guttural laugh began to resound slowly. You can’t be free! You’re ours now! Who could ever help you? Suddenly, the evil spirits picked him up and threw him into the lake. Jacob tried to fight back but instead found his hand clutching at his throat, forcing him deeper beneath the water.

The Hope of a Father

“Jacob! You won’t die like this!”

His father rushed at him while shouting. Something has got to give because surely this isn’t Abba’s will. Why my son? What have we done to deserve this torment?

As he neared the lake, Joseph heard a sound that chilled his blood.

A snarling growl from his son’s mouth declared, “YOU CAN’T HAVE HIM! WE WON’T ALLOW IT! HE BELONGS TO US!”

Unnerved, Joseph dragged Jacob from the lake and ran looking for the Teacher.

Off in the distance, a group of men gathered at the well. “Look, there’s a troubled man. Let’s see what’s going on with him, guys,” Andrew said to the others. He and his friends began walking towards Jacob.

The Encounter

“Sirs, please help and have mercy on us!” Joseph cried out, falling to Peter’s feet. The gang looked at each other with concern, and with compassion, they stooped to this disheveled man seeking to help him.

Joseph began to describe to the men the level of torment that his son started experiencing as a small child.

“Say no more,” Judas Iscariot kindly said. “We can take it from here, good man.”

However, as each one tried to cast out the evil spirits, a crowd grew, and the spirits, loving the attention, caused Yakov to seize violently. Ironically, the Teacher arrived right at that moment!

“TEACHER! I’ve been looking for you! Please deliver my son! Your followers are unable to deliver my son.”

The Teacher, as many called Him, lovingly looked at the man. Touching Joseph’s shoulder, He smiled, assuring the distraught dad that everything would be alright. As the miracle unfolded, Yosef knew that their lives had been changed forever—all because of the Teacher’s great love.

If you like to read the real account of this story, you can find it here: Mark, Matthew, and Luke.

Featured photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

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