The Simple Truth about Timing

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What is timing?

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According to Merriam-Webster, timing is a “placement or occurrence in time” and “the ability to select the precise moment for doing something for optimum effect.” Let’s pair that with chronos, chronological time, and kairos, the right, critical, or opportune time or moment.

When we combine these three concepts (timing, chronos, and kairos) spiritually, we have a timeframe or window in which God desires us to do—or be—something.

Now is the time for us women of faith to obey God. Our response to that concept directly reflects the condition of our hearts.

Obedience and the Heart

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Do you remember in the Holy Bible the parable Jesus shared about the two sons that were supposed to help their dad? One of the sons said no, but later repented and did what was desired. However, the other son gave his daddy a “yes,” but there was no follow-through. The son who carried out his father’s will received the reward. What should we learn from this?

It’s not about our verbal yes but about our follow-through. Look at the number of marriages ending in divorce over light matters. They said, “I do,” with their mouths, but the commitment to live out their vows from both parties did not endure through the different seasons of marital life.

But what does this have to do with timing?

When the Lord affords us a specific window to do whatever He desires, our yes to Him and obedience must flow together, coming from the heart and not just our heads. In Ezekiel, we learned that if we belong to Him, our hearts are no longer stony and are brand new so that we can have a pure heart towards the Lord. With that pure heart, we’ll immediately respond in words and action when instruction comes, setting us up for the next phase.

The Simplicity of it All

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We have defined time and its different aspects. Also, we connected the dots of those definitions and paired them with the concept of heart-led obedience. So, what is the simple truth?

Everyone has 24 hours a day, yet it’s up to us what we do with those hours. If we look at time as a commodity, a gift even, we will manage it wisely in faith and obedience. Let’s face it. The second quarter of the year is already here, and we have to make a decision. Choose to prepare for every kairos moment that God gives us. Some moments and opportunities won’t come around again. Therefore, we must respond quickly. The Lord created us to live purposely and share what He placed within us with everyone around us.

Disclaimer: swift obedience while remaining in sync with the Lord is not the same as being a busybody. Don’t be that.

Kill the narrative that says, “I don’t have time,” and begin delegating your time how Holy Spirit leads you. You’re worth it, and so is your sphere of influence.

Have a blessed and prosperous day, living purposefully and in sync with God’s time, wasting nothing.


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