To My Precious Boy Asher, Happy & Blessed

A few days from now, we’ll celebrate my youngest son’s second birthday on the twelfth. It’s hard to believe that two years have flown by, but I’m blessed and happy.

His smile

As with many kids, baby boy has his ways of getting into trouble. The minute I reprimand him, he gives me the biggest smile that always reaches his eyes. Of course, I still have to correct him. Yet, his warm smile reminds me to pause and remember my why in correcting him—disciplining him (and his brother) with love and understanding not to break their spirits.

His eyes

The softest brown that you ever did see, yet they hold power. Looking into his eyes reminds me that he’s hinging on every word I say. He believes every word that I speak. Therefore, I pause and remember to show him truth because I think he’d see right through a lie anytime.

His voice

Never have I met such a young one who commands so much attention with the sound of his voice. He already understands authority and knows how to walk in it. He’s bold, daring, and brave. Already, he refuses to be silenced. I find myself wondering, “Lord, who have You created Asher to be?” I’m so thankful to be honored with a front-row seat—and a hand—to God’s glorious unfolding.

My Asher.

To my powerful warrior, my victorious conqueror, my youngest prince Asher,
Thank you, and a happy early birthday!


Featured and post photos courtesy of my hubby, Falando Jones Photography

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