Today’s Post Is…

This month is all about order, purpose, and schedules!

Today, I began making flashcards for my children for Scripture memorization and to reinforce the alphabet to my youngest. I was inspired while visiting a friend the other day, and I saw the ones she’s using for her children. I know, I could have just ordered them, but, hey, I like creating. I’ll have them available in my store as a digital download soon!

I also began reading Bruce Wilkinson’s The Prayer of Jabez again. What I love about this book is the focus is seriously on apply the Word of God practically. It’s not a replacement for the Word; yet, it’s a good way to help someone feel rooted and grounded in the Word. This is helping me stay in sync with what Abba is saying to me in this season.

One thing I like about wearing protective hairstyles, it doesn’t take as much maintenance as wearing my natural hair. I’m wondering what my next look will be–while using what I already have at home. Also, I’m telling myself that this is not what I need to place precedence right now. When it makes sense to my schedule then I’ll pursue changing my hairstyle.

That’s all for tonight! I’ll be able to jump on this month’s theme soon.

In closing, whatever you have going on and working towards, do it as unto the Lord. It doesn’t have to be perfect; just flow with an excellent spirit—one completely yielded to Holy Spirit.


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