Truth…From a Millennial


“Too young to care,” is the attitude they say we have. But do we? No one wants to disobey but when the system they created causes you to doubt everything you’re supposed to believe in, what then?


Yeah, we’re the millennial generation, but that doesn’t mean we could care less about organized religion, morality, respect, honor, and love. Maybe we desire for people who would just give us a chance–so we won’t have to take it by force–to share our hearts and whatever thorns in our flesh that pricks at us until we share the truth as the transparent beings we were made to be.

I have a penchant for truth. Even with my millennial self, I dare to embrace that truth isn’t relative. No matter what version of it the next one thinks is correct, I believe that one day we’ll all know without a doubt that there was only one Way that ever mattered. So, it is with that conviction that I write, dance, sing, create, be.

Remember your Creator in the days of your youth…Ecclesiastes 12:1


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