Simple Two-strand Twist Hairstyle

Hey beautiful! Are you skipping out on “getting cute” because you’re swamped in housework while running behind the kids? Perhaps you’ve felt too tired to even do self-care and pampering. If so, girl, I get it and I want to share with you a cute, twisted hairstyle to try!

If you have kinky coils like me, two-strand twists might be a hairstyle for you to try. When my second born was around two or three months old, I decided to give it a try after having twists during the pregnancy. I needed a look that gave me a sense of self while running behind a newbie and a newly 3-year-old!

I waited for about a week or two after I took my braids down before twisting my hair. During that time, I did a deep conditioning treatment as well as a hot oil treatment—it was a while since I’ve done either by that time.

My Twist Method

  • After the treatments, I mostly dried my hair and brushed through. My hair is more manageable when it’s partially or completely dried.
  • After that, I used my fingers to section my hair. I honestly didn’t want nor have the energy or patience to section with a comb.
  • Lastly, I twisted my hair using only leave-in conditioner and coconut oil.

This style lasted for about two months. I only loosened them because I started experiencing postpartum hair loss. I was able to wash my hair with the twists installed, and that was a win.

What about you? Have you tried this basic protective hairstyle as a quick do? If the idea of wearing your natural hair in twists is a no go, you can always use yarn or weave. I’ll save those details for another post!

Leave a comment below of a hairstyle you wanted to try but are too shy to do it. If I’ve tried it, I’ll write about it. If it’s not feasible for me to try, I’ll find ways to modify it and test that.

Images courtesy of Falando Jones Photography
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