September: Plan it Well, Give Grace to the Journey

Hey, y’all, hey! I know this was supposed to be another reflection post. Thank God I can freely change my mind. 😉 Before I go into September’s topics, I’m addressing a few things.

I’m Praying

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I’m praying for those hurting worldwide because of destructive weather and war. As well as those enduring persecution because of their faith in Jesus Christ. I’m praying for the Body of Christ to come together in love and unity, despite our racial differences, gender, and denominations. I’m praying for the widows, orphans, the homeless, and the imprisoned. I pray that wherever we can put boots on the ground to serve anyone in need, we’ll have the courage and wisdom we need to do so. With expectation, I’m believing God that we’ll be quick to obey His desires. He doesn’t ask us too much; it’s just a matter of our hearts.

This Special Day

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Today is the last day of August, and three amazing girls share this birthday—my twin nieces and my homegirl’s daughter! I pray this is one of their best days ever!

Also, my hubby took the day off. It blesses me to see him rest. I still have a million and one things to do at home, but I rejoice in knowing that he’s here to spend with the boys. It’ll free me up a bit.

September Things

With the new month comes another birthday for my second son, and a new season will soon follow. I’m projecting the blog content on Candace Chronicles to highlight autumn and things that remind us of it. There may be some poetry—rhyming and free verse—in addition to short story snippets. It will all tie back to faith + family + style. Hopefully, this means we’ll see more of the photography in my posts coming from Falando Jones Photography (the hubbub’s business) and more of the kiddos.

I desire to post earlier in the day than at night. This month is all about intentionality for me. My planner, organizer, and scheduler should help me compartmentalize everything. Let’s not forget prioritization because that also leads to progress and growth.

Well, that sums it up! This is the direction of my heart and mind at this time. Thanks for reading with me this month. Hopefully, we can interact more next month.

Please like, comment, and share with your friends and family if you like what I’m doing here. Until next time, ciao!


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