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Good morning, queens! Can you believe it’s already December 1st?! Thank You, Lord!

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In this short post, you will learn the direction of posting for this month, as well as other things going on with Candace Chronicles.

Content Matters

With this being a season focused on giving and receiving the Love of God, the gift of Jesus Christ—along with the frills of hot chocolate, presents, and caroling—post topics are heavily centered on family and faith. As a mom of young children, I’m sharing from a place of what works for us and what I believe will work for you too.

We are highlighting our faith in Jesus Christ because what a year! I say that with gladness but also sobriety because I understand that there has been substantial heartache and tragedy experienced by millions this year. There is only one solution to heal and restore, and you guessed it, His name is Jesus Christ.

Other Stuff

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I’m sharing some challenges with you all because it’s time that we shake the dust off our feet and be doers of the Word. Take time to read each blog post in its entirety. I’m sharing how you, no matter your personality or obligations, can make a kingdom difference in your metron.

Well, loves, that’s all for now. I love you, and remember…

We are called into the Kingdom for such a time as this!

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