What Do You Have to Lose?

3818d-1518903_10151897954658173_1141089957_oHave you ever been at a place that you felt you were at the bottom and you had nothing else to lose?

I have, and it wasn’t pretty. It never is.

2004 was the year. And I was over it. I didn’t make a plan, just a decision.

As soon as I was about to step off that chair He called my name.

Candace, I still love you. You still matter to Me.

In a room with just myself, despite the original darkness ebbing away at my soul, I heard a Voice that wasn’t my own. Love that felt like liquid hugs, waves even, overtaking me, gave me a reason to breathe.

A reason to live.

Tongues, living, and marriageBecause of Him, I now have him and him. I’ve realized which dreams to pursue and which to kill. Most importantly, I know I have purpose. I have meaning.

img_1043I won’t allow my life to be left to chance. Nor will the sorrows of yesteryear enter my present. Because this is my gift, my time, my future is beautiful even though I don’t know the fullness of it yet.

Your story isn’t the same as mine—and that’s okay. All I can say is, don’t leave your life to chance. We plan and chart our days thinking that all of our planning will give us what we long for when that isn’t necessarily the truth. We get consumed with the If-Then Theory, If I go to this college and major in this degree, land this career and marry that person, then I’d have the life I always imagined and will truly succeed.” Unfortunately for most (and the converse for others), this isn’t always true.

That’s okay.

Live less in the expectations of others—including self—and trust that your created value is greater than the box you abide in. You can start with trusting the One who reminded me that I can BE because He is I AM.


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