What is Your WHY?

IMG_1097In a work-oriented society, we often think horizontally when it concerns our why. For example, we work long hours because we’re trying to get out of debt and have a comfortable life for our children. We accomplish our dreams so those who doubted us can no longer deny the truth that we have what it takes to “be somebody.” We give generously of our time, talents, and treasure so we can feel good about ourselves.

When I was in an MLM business, I remember being frequently told that my business would work based on me never forgetting my why. That was before my husband and I had our son so at that time my why was to assist with bringing sustenance to the table. However, no matter how beautiful that idea was, it wasn’t strong enough to get me to produce the results I needed. My spirit was trying to remind me that my why needed to go beyond what I see. It needed to be deeper than horizontal thinking.dbe

John Bevere’s book, Driven by Eternity, highlights the Word of God in reminding us what our why should be. We all have eternity etched on our hearts, no matter what our convictions are, and we will each have to face that truth sooner or later. Thank God, I’ve been challenged to remember that my why, my motivation should be to see and please the King of kings and Lord of lords—Jesus Christ. When I look to Him and choose to do everything based on my love for Him and wanting to be obedient as well as use every gift and talent for the glory and honor of God, my why makes sense.

Take a moment to check your heart and see what your real motivation, your real why is. If it’s not pure and born of the Lord, repent and ask Him to help you. Pray for your heart’s desire to be pure in heart and to let everything you do be done from a place of willing obedience to the Father.



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