What Will You Choose?

Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice.”
“And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

— Romans 4:4, 7 KJV
 ©2016  Falando Jones Photography . All rights reserved.
©2016 Falando Jones Photography . All rights reserved.

It’s early in the morning and I’m doing what I’ve missed in such a long time: writing as soon as inspiration—or memory, lol—strikes back.

This is one of the latest images my husband captured of me. When people see it, they see grace, strength, beauty, love, a touch from God. It appears that everything in my world is perfect and that I’m unscathed and unable to connect with those going through severe storms.


You see the opening quote? I’m embracing the imperative to rejoice in the Lord always, not just when it’s convenient or makes sense. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, rejoice has several meanings and the ones closely associated with verse four are: to feel or show great joy or delight; to express happiness; to be full of joy, to be extremely glad; to exult. You see, verse four commands that this is what we are to do and my spirit chooses to respond in obedience. If you knew what I know about the saving, healing, redeeming, restoring (and more) power of Jesus Christ, you would also understand why I can exercise this freely. It’s not by chance that one of the songs of my heart, “My Tribute/To God be the Glory,” is randomly playing on my Pandora radio while creating this post.

Let me bring you up to speed on some things.

 ©2015  Falando Jones Photography . All rights reserved.
©2015 Falando Jones Photography . All rights reserved.

The journey that my husband and I have always traveled together, whether in platonic friendship or marriage, has been nothing less than one of faith. At the beginning of the year, the tug of relocating became exceedingly strong. We had a knowing before then, but we had to be at a place of complete rest and trust that it was the Lord leading us. He was strengthening us spiritually and emotionally to know that we would leave when the conditions were right.

Around the time of the move, we found out just how right were those conditions. We learned that we were expecting, the job transfer went through but the catch was it became part-time, and we were going from our own place to transitioning with loved ones. Some reading this may be scratching their heads and wondering, “How’s that a perfect recipe for relocation? It sounds the opposite.” My response to that would be, “It depends on who you listen to and how you listen.” Looking in the natural it seemed crazy, and I’m 100% certain that many in our corner thought we were nuts. In a way, they’re right because we really are nutty enough to step out on faith.

 ©2016  Falando Jones Photography . All rights reserved.
©2016 Falando Jones Photography . All rights reserved.

Since that leap of faith, we have encountered so many joys along with some heartbreaking moments, ranging from finding out our baby’s gender and experiencing our son’s first kick to the death of my grandfather and scary ER moments for me and the hospitalization of one of my sisters. If you saw us today and knew what we are still facing, you’d sigh and look away puzzled. Why? Because it doesn’t seem to make sense. But faith doesn’t make logical sense yet having faith in the Lord is the sanest thing anyone could ever do. God never fails, and He is faithful to His Word, whether we see answers when we want them or not. This is why I can encourage others to trust Him because I’ve seen mountain moving miracles in my life and the lives of my loved ones since this transition began. I can confidently say with great boldness, God’s peace that surpasses all understanding is mine so I can live each day with joy!

Why does this matter to you? Because you may be going through some very trying, scary, horrible, troubling times as well, but guess what? You don’t have to go through in fear; you can go through with joy! It’s all about your choice. God is faithful regardless of how it looks or how it feels. You can have hope in Him. No, that doesn’t mean that every moment will feel happy or joyful, but they still can be because it’s all about what you choose.

So, what will you choose?


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  1. Dharey Milton says:

    This gave me a different outlook on how I look at things. Sometimes I tend to stress and get depressed about what I THINK I need. But I am learning that I will get everything I need in due time. When God thinks it’s time. Thank you for sharing

    1. Candace A. Jones says:

      Dharey, I totally understand because life really isn’t easy when we are looking naturally. Things can feel downright crazy and out of control but thank God for His Spirit and gently guiding us in the midst of the turbulence. I know things are not easy in the natural right now (trust me, I get it) but God is faithful and you are not alone. If you ever need me, I’m here for you, my beautiful sister! You’re in my prayers and I thank God in advance for the glory that will be revealed in due season in your life! I love you!

  2. Tabitha says:

    A very good read, I’m glad that you guys jumped on that leap of faith. I remember telling you that I had to just let go after we found out about my dad’s cancer..I prayed and asked the Lord for understanding and acceptance. I then continued to pray but emotionally stepped back from the situation..not knowing what the outcome was going to be I finally found peace. We just got news two days ago that my dad is CANCER FREE!!! Thank the Lord..my point is I took that leap of faith and decided to let him carry the burden while I did my part by getting him to treatments and being there in the physical sense. You know t ha t by the Grace of God my dad is still with us..he was in the last stages of tonsillar throat cancer 4a when he was diagnosed and was given a 30% success rate. BUT he told his doctors from the beginning that " by his stripes, I am healed"

    1. Candace A. Jones says:

      Tabitha! To God be the glory! My apologies for replying so late but Lord knows I’ve been rejoicing for the manifestation of the healing the Lord already gave to your dad. I’m so great that in the midst of that very scary storm, you chose to trust God and give it all over to Him because He is indeed faithful! I love you lots and continue to keep you all in my prayers. God bless you and your family both now and forever!

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