When Winter Breaks

“Welcome to Millennial Cove, Alaska’s number one place where young people can recharge emotionally and refuel spiritually.”

That’s what the sign said, but Kathleen had her doubts. She had never seen so many tight, outdated looking folks in her life! Granted she was a fashion photographer/model for a major designer and wore the Louis Vuitton everything to boot.

To think that her business coach would arrange for her to attend a Christian retreat is one thing but for it to be in backwoods Alaska—come on!

Just as she pulled out her phone to call someone, he caught her eye. Leaning against a cedar was none other than Vincent Ravenwood, Kathleen’s ex-husband. He was a proud 6’2″, pecan colored brawny man with long, wavy, jet black hair. It had to be him. Kathleen would recognize him in a multitude, not because of his intriguing physique alone but he still held the key to her heart.

Why is he here?

She figured this also had to be Coach Sarah’s doing since she always meddled in her personal affairs. Kathleen spun around hoping to remain hidden but slammed into someone causing quite the comical scene. Typical red-haired damsel in distress needing someone to rescue her.

Dear God, why did that have to happen? Couldn’t You have kept me under the radar for a little longer?

That answer was no because he quickly appeared at her side to help her up, with startled amusement in his eyes.

“Kathy? I’m surprised to see you here and not working the runway somewhere. I still love you, but you already know this.”

That’s something she never understood. How did he ever love someone as wretched as her? He was the perfect husband and being beside him for that brief moment brought everything back to the surface.

“Look, Vince, I didn’t plan to see you here but it is what it is. Don’t take it for anything more than mere coincidence. Thanks for your help but I got it.”

But did she really? Why was she still trembling although the frigid outdoor air had been replaced by the warmth of the fireplace?

Kathleen didn’t know what to think of this but somehow she sensed that everything about her life was about to change over this next week.

via Daily Prompt: Frigid

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