Win Big in the Fourth Quarter

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It’s the fourth quarter, and your favorite team—the Clemson Tigers—looks like they didn’t have it in them to win. But, wait! Here comes a fantastic play called by Coach Swinney that the players executed perfectly, leading them to the most incredible comeback of the season. What an outstanding way to close a beautiful season as the underdog of this game gained victory!

And so it is with life. We are entering the fourth quarter of the year as we welcome the new month. Maybe you made goals this year that still haven’t taken flight. Perhaps, like me, you started on projects, but because of tragedy and transitions you haven’t had the drive to see it through to the end. If you find yourself here today, keep reading because, by the end of this post, you will find the encouragement you need to win big!

Forward Movement

There are some things we have prayed regarding that now is the time we act. Allow me to get real personal with you for a moment. I have a few projects the Lord placed in my heart that I sensed were for this year. However, my journey this year caused me to put a pause on those projects. I’m not saying that I was wrong in that, yet, I did not seek the Lord in how to carry out the vision I saw in my heart. I didn’t ask Him questions like, “Is this a right now task, or a task that I am to fulfill later?”

Guess what?

Even without asking the Lord those questions, I can still have forward motion, and so should you. This progress does not mean we are not putting Him first; it just means we are finally choosing to walk by faith and not by sight*. Faith is an action word, and the Lord has already commissioned us to make a decision for our lives. When we decide, we don’t stop there. We must keep going. That’s what my recent post was exemplifying. You may be wondering how to get started again. It’s all about your choice. Choose to do so and then do it.

Celebrate Everything

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As you start again, purpose in your heart to celebrate each win. Why? Because this will help you keep the momentum you need to finish strong and well. Some may say, “I’m waiting on a Word from the Lord.” That’s wonderful; yet, how are you waiting? Are you just sitting there waiting for directions to fall out of the sky? Or are you doing what you know to do until you discern the next step? We must choose the latter—and enjoy the journey! As we see those tasks get accomplished, we celebrate them. Listen, I cried tears of joy (my way of celebrating) after I published my first post in a few months.

And while we are moving forward, celebrating each win, we don’t have to broadcast our plans to the world or to anyone except whoever we share accountability with. Just do the work consistently, and the work will speak for itself. Everyone doesn’t need real-time access to all of our lives’ details. Save some of that for later.

We are making comebacks for the win, just like in my opening story—at least I know I am. Will you join me and choose to win this quarter to the glory of God? You have what it takes because there is a winner in you!



*I know this verse here is encouraging us regarding life after this one (read full chapter here); for the sake of this post, I’m using this to support another truth: the just shall live by faith.

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