Winds of change

What happens when that initial umph subsides and you two become nothing more than that other couple you promised couldn’t be your future. Stop playing because you know what I mean.

You remember how you got all cute an hour before he got home from work or how you used to actually listen to her endless chatter and thought it was adorable. Or what about how you blushed when he did anything spontaneous for you.

Then some things happened. Some call it adulting while others say it’s just the way of life.

But is it?

Should the one you gave a care about become a mundane fixture in your life? Should you focus so much on how much you can’t stand how she nags or how he snores or should there be some adulation to offer simply because your spouse is still alive?

I wonder…

When it’s all said and done, will the reality of what you’ve done in marriage exemplify what you’ve said in your vows?

I wonder

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