Write Life, Right Life

Hey, girl, hey! On this lovely Tuesday night, the kids are in bed asleep, the hubby is resting, and I’m enjoying the soothing sounds of a lake on Abide while editing blog posts.

This post is short because of what I said I’m doing—but I want to share a nugget with you, mama. This life you’re living is the write life. Yes, I know, but let me play seriously for a second. God has entrusted you to birth His children on the earth while marrying one of His sons. You may have had a career and gave it up to raise your children, or maybe you’re not a married mama at all, but life has turned entirely different than what you’ve imagined.

Write it down.

Every bit of it.

Why? Because right where you are, right now, will not be your position tomorrow. Or next month. Or next year. It is this moment that God is speaking to you some things that you might find trivial, yet 10 years from now, you’ll tremble in awe as you realize you were prophesying into your future.

Yeah, I don’t always know what to blog about, even though my life is pretty adventurous (yes, you read that correctly) as a wife and the mama of two interesting toddlers. However, I know I’ll be amazed as I read present-day journal entries 10 years from now. I’d realize that this is the right life all along.

Embrace this season because it will quickly change. Look forward to the destination while enjoying every moment of the journey. That’s what I’m choosing to do.


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